Wednesday, 5 September 2012

lo-fi dogma project

featured below is the manifesto for the lo-fi dogma project, a swiss music project which has invited red kite to contribute to its london experiment.

lo-fi dogma is 'a recording manifesto for technical reduction in the production in the recording of music that dedicates itself to a style of recording that prioritise risk, immediacy and authenticity over certainty, cleanliness and hesitation'. all values very close to red kite's heart. it is a non-commercial project initiated by sound-development, a swiss private cultural patron institution.

we're pencilled in to record in october, so keep tabs here for more information and a heads up on where to hear the results.

more on the project (and some of the previous recordings) can be found at the website here.

it's going to be an alt-rock blast.

LofiDogma Project Description Engl Project-2

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