Thursday 3 December 2015

what the hell are you doing?

so what are we actually up to? well here’s the plan:

we’re due to resume album session two of three in early january, with the final session taking place early spring. hopefully then the second album will be finished. sorry it’s taking so long. funding was an issue, but now we’ve managed to sort that. anyone for golf? 

i actually hate golf.

we’ll look to get back up and running with some shows in the spring, a tour and some festivals over the summer, then release the second album in the autumn. we’ll start leaking out videos and singles and artwork and stuff along the way no doubt, plenty of ‘content’ for you to consume.

that’s the plan anyway. we’ll try and stick to it as best we can. 

we have a new website on the way. i made it so don't expect it to win any awards or anything, but we have our own domain name and everything like a proper pop band and shit.

that’s all for now, hope you all have a lovely holiday season. if i get the dinosaur jr t-shirt i asked for then i will be happy.

d rk

Sunday 18 October 2015

we've been quiet and shall continue to be so, against the advice and better judgement of far sounder minds

here be our quarterly post on our prolific and eagerly observed weblog.

i am trying to build a new website which i am learning to do which is fun it is not it will be rubbish and i'll have to pay someone to do it properly come on believe in yourself daniel it will be fine.

we're going into the next writing phase for album two before hitting the studio in november and january to fret and puzzle over the results what we do and make.

in the mean time, our label mates from the shipping forecast are doing some awfully good schizznitz.

sean grant and his wolfies have been on tour and shot some video footage of the happenings that did theretofore take place.

Wolfgang Euro Tour nonsense.
Posted by Seán Grant & The Wolfgang on Saturday, 17 October 2015

dear charlotte carpenter, you are becoming far more successful than us and thus straining the relationship between myself and our label manager. he no longer makes me cookies when i'm sad. please cease and desist.

only joking, knock them dead until they are dead therein with more wonderful stuff like this.

lucky shivers are better than us in every way and i have come to accept it and am okay with it and have actually plundered them for members so it's cool i will essentially own them all eventually especially kieran, he is lovely. their album, which will be better than ours, continues apace. evidence here.

Friday 12 September 2014

welcome to our label, dear nicholas, dear nicholas, oh welcome to our label, dear nicholas, dear nick

this is nicholas stevenson and he has just joined our lovely label.

here's the full press release from the shipping forecast.

we're writing album II and building computers and planning expeditions and becoming experts and things so we might do some shows at the end of the year and we might play some of the songs what we will write and so then you will be made happy got it got it

Tuesday 20 May 2014

stockton weekender

after the spring shows we're going to circle the dwindling skies and beaver away on album two.

so far it's scuzzy, fuzzy, groovy, country-y and godspeedy. apparently.

the working titles are all currently taken from lucasarts point and click adventures.

hopefully it will also be good, or that would be a waste of time for everyone involved.

we're also going to design some trucker hats at long last and learn how to code c++ just for the hell of it.

in the meantime, we're also playing stockton weekender on sunday 27th july, so come on down and witness the fitness.

speak soon, much love, yolo


Thursday 20 March 2014

clash magazine preview montreal ep to stream

so, we're releasing a montreal ep on 14th april. it will have the following songs on it:

tell those fuckers
give old fat fish a chance
milton in the wood

clash magazine are previewing the tracks to stream here.

clash magazine have been big supporters of the red kite chronicles, so huge heartfelt thanks to them. there are so many acts around at the moment that it can be hard to peek your head over the parapet and say 'you, wassup, wanna hear some of my shit? it's gooooood...'

to have such a great blog write about you and support you consistently is truly a blessing.

nuff respeck.