Thursday, 3 December 2015

what the hell are you doing?

so what are we actually up to? well here’s the plan:

we’re due to resume album session two of three in early january, with the final session taking place early spring. hopefully then the second album will be finished. sorry it’s taking so long. funding was an issue, but now we’ve managed to sort that. anyone for golf? 

i actually hate golf.

we’ll look to get back up and running with some shows in the spring, a tour and some festivals over the summer, then release the second album in the autumn. we’ll start leaking out videos and singles and artwork and stuff along the way no doubt, plenty of ‘content’ for you to consume.

that’s the plan anyway. we’ll try and stick to it as best we can. 

we have a new website on the way. i made it so don't expect it to win any awards or anything, but we have our own domain name and everything like a proper pop band and shit.

that’s all for now, hope you all have a lovely holiday season. if i get the dinosaur jr t-shirt i asked for then i will be happy.

d rk

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