Sunday, 18 October 2015

we've been quiet and shall continue to be so, against the advice and better judgement of far sounder minds

here be our quarterly post on our prolific and eagerly observed weblog.

i am trying to build a new website which i am learning to do which is fun it is not it will be rubbish and i'll have to pay someone to do it properly come on believe in yourself daniel it will be fine.

we're going into the next writing phase for album two before hitting the studio in november and january to fret and puzzle over the results what we do and make.

in the mean time, our label mates from the shipping forecast are doing some awfully good schizznitz.

sean grant and his wolfies have been on tour and shot some video footage of the happenings that did theretofore take place.

Wolfgang Euro Tour nonsense.
Posted by Seán Grant & The Wolfgang on Saturday, 17 October 2015

dear charlotte carpenter, you are becoming far more successful than us and thus straining the relationship between myself and our label manager. he no longer makes me cookies when i'm sad. please cease and desist.

only joking, knock them dead until they are dead therein with more wonderful stuff like this.

lucky shivers are better than us in every way and i have come to accept it and am okay with it and have actually plundered them for members so it's cool i will essentially own them all eventually especially kieran, he is lovely. their album, which will be better than ours, continues apace. evidence here.

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  1. Nice video u shared,thanks for sharing...