Saturday, 20 October 2012

a busy week

and so ends a busy week for red kite.

sunday saw a return to london's live fold with a terrific show at camden proud, the first london show to feature the full-on two drummer assault. we are now frighteningly loud, and all the better for it. in-house sound engineers hate us. i consider us 'a challenge'.

the album is now finished. it's a strange feeling to have now finished something that two years ago began as something to do with a week off round tom's house. i never even imagined i'd play anything live at that time, let alone actually finish an entire album, but here it finally is. tom's contribution really cannot be expressed enough, without his dedication and at times needfully stern guiding hand, there is no way this would have happened. the man is a god.

now on to putting the plan together for getting it released. we're currently looking into putting together a video for some of the darker tracks (does anyone actually release singles these days?), which pleases me greatly. i shall hold off revealing too much about the track listing for now, you'll just have to stay tuned (leaving your email over on the left will help with that).

as if that wasn't enough to be getting on with, on thursday we went into the brilliant ilkatron studios to do our session for the lofi dogma project. i've posted the manifesto up here before, but if you think of the similarly monikered danish film movement then you won't go too far wrong. needless to say, we made a ferocious racket and caused ben our lovely recording engineer no end of headaches. thanks a lot to marc and daniel for organising the event and looking after us all day. lovely, lovely folk indeed. and swiss, too. great accents.

here are some photos:

the one of paul and jon cracks me up.

the track we recorded will go live at the lofi dogma site in january, along with photos and an interview in which i'm quite stoned. obviously we'll keep you updated here.

next up is friday 26th with the murder barn at rattlesnake angel, so get down there and let's all have a pop show.

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