Saturday, 12 January 2013

lofi dogma

here's the finished recording from the lofi dogma session. all six of us in one room, one live take, no overdubs, and it sounds pretty damn good. just click on the picture above to take a listen at the lofi dogma site.

here's the video interview as well:

lofi dogma is all about minimalism. they've been doing these projects in europe for a while now, but now they've decided to bring the experiment to the uk and red kite were lucky enough to be asked to do it. for anyone who doesn't know about the lofi dogma manifesto, here it is again:

click on the manifesto and it will take you to the facebook site, go ahead and give it a like.

a huge thank you to ben williams for his patience amidst the racket, to marc and daniel for looking after us all day and plying us with food and beer upon musical victory, and to elliott for taking pictures of us looking strange and awkward.

the track, calliope, will be on the album, news of which shall be imminently forthcoming. stay tuned, kites.

until then, here are some lovely pictures:

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