Tuesday, 26 March 2013

new live shows, building stories


hey kites.

some new live dates for you:

saturday 11th may - the abbot cook, reading
saturday 25th may - lexington, angel, london

i'll also be playing an acoustic show in reading on saturday 27th april, more details to come.

the pledge campaign is flying along, hovering just shy of 140%. the more we raise, the more we can put back into the band, so keep up the hard work spreading the word, guys, it's much appreciated. we also donate 5% of everything raised over 100% to the foundation for the study of infant deaths. this is no random charity, but one that affected my family a while back, so something very close to my heart.

the pledge album drops (digitally, at least) on april 29th, so time's running out to get your hands on it before anyone else.

to further pile on the good news, my copy of building stories has finally arrived:

for anyone who doesn't know chris ware (you are genuinely missing out), a good place to start would be any of the acme novelty datebooks. the collected quimby the mouse is great too, and they are all glorious to behold. go on, treat yourself.

rk x

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