Wednesday, 20 November 2013

okay, so montreal is totally itunes canada single of the week

the title says it all.

look closer, bottom left.

yep, that's us.

this really is turbo-cool, though. some of you more eagle-eared kitelings may have noticed that i am rather partial to canadian music. in fact, most of the bands who influence us are from there. do make say think, godspeed, broken social scene, metric, arcade fire, silver mt zion, the list is evident to anyone who has ever lain ears on us.

and so this is kind of a big deal for us. i can try to sound all cool and nonchalant, dry and disaffected, drenched in lower case sarcasm, but this is really actually fucking amazing. we named a track after a canadian city because that place is like a mecca for us, and canada isn't just the really cold country north of the the states. it's the really cold country north of the states that consistently shows the states where it's going wrong socially, morally and judicially whilst pumping out sweet as hell killer bands (we love the states too, for a whole load of other reasons, so please don't think we're hating on you, usa, we really want to be in you).

we are extremely happy kites. this is a great day. we would give anything to be able to come over to canada, to play montreal in montreal, to hit the bovine sex club in toronto and get hella drunk watching rock & rule on the screens above the bar, to see the mountains loom over every vancouver street corner.

so go download it for free, my dear canadians. if you like it, go grab the album. cos we want to come play for you. but you have to want us like we want you. and we do want you. like, in a creepy way we want you.

what a wonderful day.

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