Tuesday, 18 February 2014

red kite 2014

we're back, we're bad, we have forked tails and a distinctive white mark beneath our nooked wings and we're mad.

after a sleepy holiday season we've been hard at work planning the forthcoming year.

first up, we have some shows.

here they are, aren't they great:

and here's the links and stuff yeah:

glasgow and newcastle, here we come. we're flying further afield and we like it. we hope it's warm, though. we really do.

there may well be more dates added. you'll have to wait and see, just like us.

we're writing new material, some of which we'll be hoping to play at the shows. we can't guarantee it though, so we make no promises. expect little of us and be pleasantly surprised, i say. it works for alt rock as well as life.

itunes canada single of the week montreal is due for a re-release in april too so keep your ears peeled on the radio-box and your eyes to the skies to catch a flying b-side whilst you're at it.

we've also continued our long-running collaborative efforts with songs for crow cover artist lyndsay martin, working together on a video installation for her upcoming show notions of a home which will be showing at liverpool's fallout factory gallery throughout march. if you're in town, check it out, she's dead good.

we're busy beavering away on other plans for the rest of the year, mainly involving playing album number one whilst writing album number two whilst studying conceptual drawings and pulling up schematics for album three. 

as ever, you'll hear the details here first.

speak soon people.

rk xx

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