Wednesday, 29 August 2012

calliope in the mix

when you mix an album, there is always one problem track. one track that, no matter how much you push and pull it around, seems intent on escaping you and wriggling its way out of your increasingly frustrated grip. you know it's capable of greatness, and as such you refuse to let it go quietly into the night, no matter how much it seems to want to. it's almost as though the thing just doesn't want to be heard, as though the mere fact that it had once existed is enough for it and we should simply leave it at that, thankful that we had once had the chance to bask in its conceptual greatness, its figurative grace.

calliope is that track. rather fittingly, calliope was the greek muse of the epic poets, the inspiration for the odyssey and lover of Ares, the god of war. too much symbolism to take in, there.

but we're gonna nail it today. we're going to pin it down and make it our bitch and not accept its pitiful cries for release. today we will emerge the victors.

(replace all the 'it's in that last paragraph with 'her's as i eventually decided to do, and you will see why i made said editorial decision. sounded all hella kindsa wrong.)

album is getting really close now. getting all giddy with glee.

hope this track doesn't break us.

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