Sunday, 5 August 2012

why are you here?

why are you here?
probably because you’ve followed a link from either facebook or twitter, though perhaps you happened upon this site of your own accord.
why is this site here?
in short, because facebook is infuriating. for no doubt dark and sinister reasons, facebook has decided that simply liking a band and wanting to hear news and updates about said outfit is not enough. that band then has to pay to advertise its presence or face the mute indifference of silence as its posts are kept hidden from anyone who may have once shown an interest. 
facebook was never perfect.  aesthetically, it was always difficult to escape that blue and white uniformity, and half of the time it just plain didn’t seem to work. but at least you knew that pretty much everyone used it and that it seemed to do its job of keeping followers informed of a band’s comings and goings, gigs and releases. then all of a sudden that seemed to stop. people weren’t hearing anything and as such had ceased posting and reacting. the only thing that made facebook seem worth using was no more.
the biggest problem, however, had always been the question of how to get people coming back to the site regularly. where was the incentive? what could be done with the limited format that was facebook and its post-react-shove a funny picture of a science-spouting cat methodology?
how could you make it your own?
well, people have been doing this for years with blogs. however, we hadn’t.  
some people are good at blogging. sean at drowned in sound is very good at it.
i am not. between making music, writing and reading books and comics, i have neither the time nor the inclination. in order to do a blog worth reading, one has to be very, very good at it. one has to enjoy it and take to it naturally. not being this type of person has always been my reason for avoiding the platform.
it can, however, have its uses. in the absence of the technical expertise and financial capabilities needed to actually run a website, a blog can serve as the next best thing.
this is not a website.
it’s not a blog.
what it is is a glimpse into the world of red kite. give it time to grow and we’ll see where it can take us.
all news and updates, as well as pictures, exclusives and new material, will be announced through this site. we’ll still use facebook and twitter, but mainly to direct people here. if you’ve managed to find it, then feel free to spread the word.
take a little trip around. in the links, you’ll find some of the stuff we like. in the failures section you’ll come to realise why i am a musician and not a writer. none of the stories are any good, but they come from the same place as the songs so perhaps they may be of some interest. perhaps not.
either way, we hope you enjoy it. we hope you come back. we hope you comment and get involved and get to know one another a little. 

leave your email over on the left and we'll even keep you up to date whenever something gets posted. no spam, we promise, just wholesome red kite goodness.
and if you like it enough to put something up on facebook, well then that’s fine too.
much love,

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